fiscal in a sentence

They labored over the budget for the fiscal year .

Momandpop stores will turn a profit in the new fiscal year.

Roberto needs a fiscal expert to help him balance his budget.

Patricia has an MBA, so she knows a lot about fiscal management.

Developing countries suffer from difficulties of fiscal probleMs.
Japan’s fiscal year runs from April till March in the following year.

fiscal austerity is considered to be an answer to the rampant inflation.

Tax cuts are often used as a major fiscal tool to stimulate the economy.

We hope to cut our deficit by at least 2% by the end of the fiscal year.

The Minister of Finance is responsible for the government’s fiscal affairs.

Our company had a fiscal 1998 profit of 18% more than in the previous period.

Japan’s national budget for a new fiscal year is normally compiled in December.

Our projections are made based on the fiscal year, rather than the calendar year.

It could be fiscally dangerous for this company to attempt a merger at this point.

The government needs to tighten its fiscal policy in order to bring down the debt.

This government seems to consider fiscal concerns more important than social concerns.

The Reagan era in the U.S. was a time of very conservative fiscal policy.

It would be fiscally irresponsible to try to expand our operations when the market is this slow.

Uncomfortably high fiscal and current account deficits could be future problems in the Czech Republic.

The Swedish government’s commitment to fiscal discipline resulted in a strong budgetary surplus in 2001.

The Algerian government’s tight fiscal policy has lead to a large increase in the country’s trade surplus.

The Japanese fiscal authorities are weighing measures to restore public confidence in their economic management.

Without disciplined fiscal and structural reform, the country is likely to experience only moderate growth at best.

Despite the abundance of natural wealth in Gabon, the nation’s economy has been seriously affected by poor fiscal management.

Our current Finance Minister is a fiscal conservative who prefers cutting the deficit to improving the social welfare of the population.

We need to spend the rest of the money in our budget before the end of the fiscal year, or management will reduce our budget for next year.