firearm in a sentence

These are considered “free” firearms .

Personal firearms are “weapons” or “firearms”.

firearms introduced by settlers increased tribal warfare.

Entertainment firearms permits are also described below.

firearms are typical prizes or auction items.

Most state laws addressing firearms fail to address ammunition.

There are 11 kinds of government firearms licenses.

A prison spokesperson denied that firearms were involved.

Several actors handled firearms during the shoot.

Automatic firearms and grenade launchers were used.

The government alleged that protesters were carrying firearms .

A proof mark is stamped in every successfully tested firearm .

Gas powered replicas function more like real firearms .

They usually roughly resemble firearms or ray guns.

His adventurers carried firearms employing this substance.

Fully automatic firearms and explosive devices are prohibited.

Every firearm is designed for different uses .

First let us view firearm homicide rates .

I was safely handling firearms at 11 .

Eleven states have laws concerning firearm locking devices.

Federal law imposes various duties on federally licensed firearms dealers.

Do er firearms officers carry any special firearms card?

Do er firearms officers carry any special firearms card?

Antique firearms are exempt from purchase restrictions.