finest in a sentence

The finest wines are those from France.

Even the finest fete becomes mere hogs swill.

His college boasts the finest view in the city.

He became the finest actor on the American stage.

Their finest moment is their last appearance on stage.

This box contains over 2 kilograms of the finest chocolates.

He is now assured of immortality with this, his finest novel.

Mozambique is one of the world’s finest sources of seashells.

Great care has been taken to use only the finest ingredients.

Horse thieves raided the farm and stole over 20 of the finest horses.

This year’s crop of grapes is expected to produce the finest wine in a decade.

This year’s crop of grapes is expected to produce the finest wine in a decade.

Nestor has very discriminating tastes, and will only accept wine of the finest quality.

The King was dressed in garments of the finest materials, and a golden crown was upon his head.

They have sent their son to the finest private school, so he can get a proper classical education.

British theater had a vintage season this year with some of the finest work coming out in a decade.

The fertile countryside of this country is famous for its grapes, which are made into the finest wine.

Novelist Salman Rushdie once remarked that when thought becomes excessively painful, action is the finest remedy.

Come taste the incredible variety of dishes and the exquisiteness of our local products at this city’s finest restaurant.

He is not a real doctor, he is just a fake who managed to convince people that he had a degree from the finest university.

He runs his own little furniture factory, where he builds high quality chairs, tables and desks, using the finest materials available.

Isadora Duncan once said that the finest inheritance you can give to a child is to allow it to make its own way, completely on its own feet.