filmmaker in a sentence

Orlando is very popular among independent filmmakers .

These early filmmakers often had trouble making a profit.

This is a near crippling disability affecting studying filmmakers .

Eight films were selected between nine filmmakers and artists.

Many other digital filmmakers soon followed suit.

His counsel has long been sought by filmmakers documenting childbirth issues.

She was obviously a very talented filmmaker .

The novel has long been a favourite among filmmakers .

The 1970s were full of filmmakers who loved irony.

Over 100 filmmakers and industry guests in attendance!

In some ways filmmakers enjoyed more freedom than before.

The festival promotes and screens collaborations between men and women filmmakers .

His work has influenced countless budding artists and filmmakers .

Her early works as a filmmaker were mainly documentaries.

The filmmakers added topical references relevant to a 2006 audience.

The filmmaker said that directing her was “very difficult”.

Some filmmakers created fictional products that appear in multiple movies.

I am a filmmaker for 22 years .

The Masters programme features films by world renowned filmmakers .