filmmaker in a sentence

The filmmakers abet them in this with unusual and unexpected formal touches.

But the filmmaker fled the United States before he could be sentenced.

How filmmakers manipulate our emotions using color Created with Sketch.

She and filmmaker Roger Maunder made an informative video to go with it.

Messages left for the filmmaker‘s representatives haven’t been returned.

Look, we hear it all the time and very few filmmakers see that through.”

“Their issue was with the filmmakers, so I guess their issue was with me.

For Reynolds, a filmmaker in San Francisco, the issue hits close to home.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you became a filmmaker?

Others are gathering support for black and brown women filmmakers (@AFFRM).

The filmmaker has been nominated for an Oscar as best director three times.

Manning could, in theory, choose to sue the filmmaker or Sly for defamation.

The Dawson City filmmaker‘s first feature is called All the Time in the World.

An honorary Palme d’Or is to be given to French New Wave filmmaker Agnes Varda.

The event features talks and demos from top VR filmmakers and industry members.

Kapadia, a British filmmaker who started in fiction film, eschews talking heads.

Documentary filmmaker Wang Fen wrote the script for this biographical short film.

The movie was directed by the renowned filmmaker Sydney Pollack, who died in 2008.

Lawyer and prominent feminist Indira Jaising called the filmmaker “irresponsible.”

The award-winning filmmaker has persistently called for more empathy for refugees.