fierce in a sentence

He glared at me fiercely.

He advanced on me fiercely.

They fought a fierce battle.

A fierce battle was fought by the soldiers.

Their dog was so fierce that he kept everyone away.

The allies defeated the evil empire in the fierce battle.

The children looked truly fierce in their animal costumes.

Our dog looks quite fierce, but he would never harm anyone.

The army summoned reinforcements as the battle grew fiercer.

The troops were told to brace themselves for a fierce battle.

Barracudas are fierce hunters, snapping up other fish.

Male lions look fierce, but the females do most of the hunting.

Tyrannosaurus Rex was a fierce hunter that ate other dinosaurs.

Find someone who hopes to study in the same field as you.

Robert Browning once said that it’s safer being meek than fierce.

The mother rat fought fiercely to defend her babies against the cat.

A fierce battle is being fought for the leadership of the Liberal Party.

Competition for entry into the top schools is quite fierce in Hong Kong.

Fiji Islanders were once feared for their fierce reputation as cannibals.

The fierce Komodo dragons have survived for millions of years in Indonesia.

My mother had a fierce temper that scared everyone in the family, including my dad.