fiberglass in a sentence

Some male dancers do not have fiberglass heels.

Work was then done on mechanizing the fiberglass.

The handguards and pistol grip are also fiberglass.

T & T Boats of Wausaukee never made fiberglass boats.

Much less fiberglass is used than is popularly supposed.

fiberglass is wetlaid into mats for use in roofing and shingles.

Some manufacturers use fiberglass as a laminate between wood layers.

The interior of the main-deck fuselage has a smooth fiberglass lining.

fiberglass fins are cheaper than aluminum fins, but in time they chip apart.

Most of the boats build during the last five years were build of fiberglass.

Important models * Gurgel Moplast > A very small vehicle, with fiberglass chassis.

Various fiberous materials including paper and fiberglass have been used as binders.

It operates at 80 kV, and has special lightweight fiberglass poles forming an A-frame.

The first car had an aluminum skin, but production models were built with fiberglass bodies.

Small single aluminum fins first evolved into single larger wooden, then fiberglass and carbon versions.

The CJ-7 continues to be used in the sport of mud racing, with either the stock body or a fiberglass replica.

The pole vault crossbar has evolved from a triangular aluminum bar to a round fiberglass bar with rubber ends.

666909 These waterproof covers allow for bathing and showering while wearing either a plaster or fiberglass cast.

The basic construction is a Body-on-frame design with a fiberglass body mounted on a pre-fabricated metal chassis.

Dick Clark’s podium was replaced with a fiberglass “winged” podium that had The $20,000 Pyramid in a pyramid shape.