fetch in a sentence

Please fetch me a piece of paper.

He fetched some water from the well.

His ideas never fetched him a nickel.

The mother’s voice fetched her child.

Throw a stick and watch the dog fetch it.

He trained his dog to fetch the newspaper.

Please fetch me a chair from the next room.

Can you fetch me a beer while you’re in the kitchen?
We are teaching our dog how to fetch a stick.

He fetched a few cushions to prop up her head.

Somehow, all those reasons sound rather far fetched.

This old table should fetch a good price at auction.

Why don’t you children go fetch some fish and chips for supper?
Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.

I’m just going to the corner store to fetch a newspaper.

The painting is expected to fetch over $100,000 at auction.

The old man went to fetch a sack to put the fresh potatoes in.

She looked quite fetching in her new summer dress and sun hat.

The receptionist has gone to fetch us another key card for our room.