Fervid in a sentence

Use Fervid in a sentence

Fervid ;

Meaning: [verb ] believing or feeling something with intense emotions;

The idea met with such fervid opposition that it has had to be at least temporarily abandoned.

After my fervid explanations I waited for Ray to say something.

I studied French and German and Latin with fervid devotion.

The lanky Ted Poston’s fervid dancing in the nightclub at the Hotel Metropol earned him the nickname Daddy Long Legs.

He had the fervid patriotism to devote his life to winning back the independence of his country.

At the firm, Mr. Stern, a fervid basketball fan, toiled on innumerable N.B.A. cases, until, in 1978, he was hired by the league as its general counsel.

Now there was a new system on the horizon, one with possibilities that surpassed even his fervid imagination.

Mannerheim reached Helsinki in December 1917, a retired lieutenant general and fervid anti-Communist.

They used language that would make the most fervid anti-Obama rhetoric of the Tea Party seem like, well, a tea party.