feelings in a sentence

Women share feelings whereas men often form relationships around activities.

These feelings usually progress through several stages.

Such feelings almost inevitably lead to physical illness.

There always had been ambivalent feelings between father and oldest son.

This serious imbalance commonly causes feelings of depression.

Negative feelings offers lower emotions and positive feelings produce higher emotions.

Negative feelings offers lower emotions and positive feelings produce higher emotions.

You may experience both feelings at different times.

Now suddenly his deeper feelings demanded expression.

We hurt feelings and sometimes burn bridges.

An unintended pregnancy can arouse many different feelings .

Your feelings were constantly taken for granted.

Your feelings are true and uniquely yours.

Status quo is maintained until new strong feelings are experienced.

She has numb feelings toward our relationship.

Our parenting feelings and skills thus remained dormant.

The information was received with mixed feelings .

Our readings are full of mixed feelings today.