feasible in a sentence

Some heroin addicts do not find complete abstinence feasible.

Find someone who has a fear of spiders.

It is not feasible to reduce prices when our costs are increasing.

His plan seemed to be too difficult, but before long it proved to be feasible.

Growing vegetables is simply not feasible in the far north unless you have a greenhouse.

We need a more clear framework for the project before we can determine if it is truly feasible.

It is simply not feasible to begin peace talks until the current hostilities are brought to a halt.

Raising horses is only feasible in areas where there is plenty of room for the animals to run around.

With financial help from his parents, it suddenly became feasible for Nigel to consider buying a house.

Because of the poor quality of the soil, agriculture simply isn’t feasible in many parts of the country.

We need a more clear conceptual framework for the project before we can determine if it is truly feasible.

The development of the MP3 technical format has made it feasible to download music files from the Internet.

Commercial fishing is no longer feasible in certain regions now because fish stocks have been severely depleted.

Until the costs associated with solar energy come down, it will not be feasible to use it as a major source of electricity.

A merger of the right-wing political parties now seems to be the only feasible way of defeating the Liberal Party in this country.

Walt Disney once said, “I could never convince the financiers that Disneyland was feasible because dreams offer too little collateral.

I don’t really think it is feasible to go to school full-time, play on a hockey team, and work at a part-time job, all at the same time.