Fastidious in a sentence

Use Fastidious in a sentence

Fastidious meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [adjective] being very careful about small details; meticulous ;

I have used the car for 25 years and it was fully restored about four years ago with fastidious attention to originality.

Ted is fastidious about his personal hygiene, which sometimes disturbs his wife much.

Cassilago picked at his meal, fastidious and lacking appetite.

The music group strive for perfection each time they are on stage and are fastidious in their attitude to work.

He was astonishingly fastidious about his tools and working conditions, with a particular horror of dust.

Cats are less likely to be poisoned than dogs as they are fastidious eaters and don’t eat anything they can find.

A fastidious man, Mike always had his drinking water boiled, convinced that this would protect him from the prevalent diseases of the time.

Taneyev was a fastidious and diligent craftsman with an unrivaled technique.

This is a nice Mozart voice, fastidious and elegant.

Cats are naturally fastidious creatures and constantly try to keep themselves clean and well groomed.