fashionista in a sentence

Makeup is amazing, and any fashionista knows that.

fashionistas aren’t the only ones picking up on that.

These sunglasses are probably for fashionistas .

Click provides fashionable and affordable shoes for the inner fashionista in you.

Appeals to the fashionista gun with its curled Persian lambswool coat.

When u think fashionista ,think Rita dominic.

Originally from Poland, Marta is a fashionista inside and out!

Perhaps halfway house with glamorous fashionistas .

Donita Donata is a fashionista , and is always setting trends.

fashionistas have experimented with loose shapes teamed up with midi hemlines.

The eighth edition of fashionista , the lifestyle exhibition, is on.

fashionista ‘s in China’s economic capital aim for perfection and elegant.

Mylene is the bubbly and fashionista younger sister of Andy.

La Petite fashionista Mag Issue #6!

fashionistas flock to this upscale store.

What do LA , Paris and Shanghai fashionistas have in common?

Author apologises for coining term ‘ fashionista ‘.