farewell in a sentence

He was not allowed to say a final farewell to his long-time listeners.

farewell my Fronto, wherever you are, my most sweet love and delight.

The Tag Brothers and the Flames of a Duel 05/04/87 farewell, Barlock!

Dent mutters a rueful farewell, and flees through the hospital’s window.

The last scene shows her bidding farewell to the rest of her colleagues.

When she says farewell to David’s dead body her suspicions are confirmed.

They bid farewell and part as Vitti is taken back to his cell by a guard.

In the year 632 Abu Bakr followed Muhammad to Mecca for the farewell Hajj.

The Concubine and the Figure of History: Chen Kaige’s farewell My Concubine.

They bid their farewell December 18, 1998 at Mars in their hometown of Oslo.

Not to be left behind, Arun also utters the farewell words, Good-bye, mother.

Luna Sea held their two-day farewell concerts at Tokyo Dome on December 26-27.

The farewell was viewed by large crowds and concluded with a firework display.

The band spent the latter part of 1995 on what was promoted as a farewell tour.

The two friends bid themselves farewell, hoping to see each other again someday.

It also named Joyce Summers exit on “Buffy” 20 on its list of top 25 farewells.

Merle Haggard included “Heartbreak Hotel” on his 1977 album My farewell To Elvis.

The 6th of January, 1865, the Twenty-fourth bade farewell to the Shenandoah Valley.

His sisters and mother wish him farewell, saying how lucky he is to have “someone”.

Ruka explains that he left Juri without saying goodbye to avoid the painful farewell.

At the farewell party, everyone is dressed up and the celebration is loud and festive.

At the close of the issue, the Uni-Power bids farewell to X-23, and parts ways with her.

They had decided to do a farewell tour of selected concerts, as George’s health allowed.

The Council asked him to appear once more for a farewell ritual and celebratory orations.

Mann, Götterdämmerung, p. 75 The maidens are scornful of his folly: “farewell, Siegfried.

In February 1999, Lady Catiria received a farewell tribute at La Nueva Escuelita nighclub.

As his mother was already dead, Diane gave him the farewell kiss when he was sent to Spain.

Later that season, in Round 9, Melbourne farewelled club legend David Neitz against Hawthorn.

Soon afterward, Dylan leaves town on his motorcycle after exchanging a farewell with Brandon.

As for Michael, he is given a farewell so that he may go with Gomez and chart his own destiny.