far less common in a sentence

Food allergies seem far less common in underdeveloped countries.

The tank locomotive version was a far less common type.

It is far less common in industrial products.

However good jokes in such publications are unfortunately far less common .

But far less common are transformational and participative leadership styles.

Pre-Slavic influences are far less common but nonetheless present.

Though far less common , it is sometimes conducted for girls.

Hydrodynamic traps are a far less common type of trap.

Here on the asphalt forecourt tampering was far less common .

This is far less common in sororities than fraternities.

A number of other variations are possible, although far less common .

And those are far less common .

Toxicity is a real but far less common cause of fish kill.

Alternative, though far less common terms for rugs of dozar size.

They are far less common in open country , such as grassland habitats.

False starts do occur in written language but they are far less common .

While accepted by some societies, it is far less common than monogamy.

The Florida sandhill crane is far less common , with some 5,000 remaining.

Obese cats are far less common than obese dogs (or obese people).