far away in a sentence

The troubles of emerging markets seem far away .

And that planet is really really far away .

Its front door was very small and far away .

The feeling is very far away , very distant.

And it was not too far away .

Keep hatred and anger far away from yourselves.

We must agree to keep the random number generator far away .

That moment may not be far away .

They will get deposited very far away .

Even someone who lives far away can help.

Stay far away from this horrendous company.

Today my heart is far away from here.

Even the closest stars are too far away to visit.

That wonderful time is not far away .

The beach is not far away and was fantastic.

Bethlehem is not far away –about 3 hours.

The noises of the evening streets seemed very far away .

A new age is not far away .

All seems so long ago and far away .

Also by taking road trips to far away garden spots.

Potential customers from far away are introduced to.