Fanatical in a sentence

Use Fanatical in a sentence

Fanatical meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [adjective]liking something a lot, obsessive , having extreme political or religious ideas; fixated ;

Dad had always been fanatical about security at night; he even bolted the inside doors.

his fanatical passion for books never waned.

Fiji is fanatical about sports and the two most dominant being rugby and soccer.

Paul’s fanatical support for the club is typical.

David Lynch is fanatical about the sound in his movies, and performed the remastering himself in his own studio.

If I am fanatical about anything my kids eat, it is to stay away from the artificial dyes.

They were fanatical shoppers in our suburbs.

The CEO of the company is fanatical about total customer satisfaction.

Shankly was fanatical about Liverpool and about football in general.

Baker is fanatical about functionality and design, and every detail is well considered.