Familiar in a sentence

use Familiar in a sentence

The voice on the phone was familiar, but I couldn’t quite figure out who it was.

One of the other workers will help you until you become familiar with the machine you’ll be working on.

Familiarity with a topic you are reading about in a second language makes it easier to guess the meaning of new vocabulary.

Dealing with an unfamiliar currency can be very confusing for the average tourist.

By studying psychology, you may learn things about yourself that conflict with your familiar view of everyday experience.

Paul Nation notes that knowing a word includes being familiar with its written form so that it is recognized when it is met in reading.

Paul Nation states that when learners are given training in guessing the meaning of new vocabulary from context, they should work with texts where at least 95% of the words are familiar to them.

The comic opera of the late 1700s represented people in familiar situations, and required only modest performing resources.