falling asleep in a sentence

Beau was bored and literally falling asleep .

He ran through it once before falling asleep .

falling asleep is a challenge unless physically exhausted.

I ‘ve caught myself falling asleep twice.

Or drunk falling asleep on the street.

falling asleep in 60 seconds or faster is easy .

With an equally high likelihood of falling asleep.

This causes difficulty in falling asleep and having adequate deep sleep.

These activities may occur just before falling asleep or during sleep.

Rodgers was present, but kept falling asleep .

When the body is relaxed, falling asleep is easy.

The small town was inexorably falling asleep.

I walk home & manage to nearly finish packing before falling asleep .

She’d cried silently for a few minutes before falling asleep .

The patient experiences difficulty in falling asleep and difficulty in sleeping.

Patients may have trouble falling asleep or may wake up frequently.

She was also in danger of falling asleep.

They may have problems falling asleep , or staying asleep.

This helps immensely for calming down and falling asleep at night.

Bart only briefly opens up his history textbook before falling asleep .