fall victim to in a sentence

Each year, it is estimated that more than 1,000 women and girls fall victim to domestic violence in The Bahamas.

Worried by his celebrity and his father’s Italian background, he began to suspect he might fall victim to a Mafia hit.

Not only the mayor, but also the school principal, the teachers and many other people of Neustadt fall victim to her jokes.

I try not to fall victim to nostalgia, but I have lost this particular battle.

By the end of his six innings, the Rays would fall victim to Nola six times by strikeout.

Therefore Wittmann and his crew almost assuredly did not fall victim to an attack from the air.

Unless someone points out a compatible reference it will likely fall victim to WP:NOR eventually.

Uncle Willy takes Danny with him, only to fall victim to an illusion of being in a bar with beautiful, topless women.

Conan demonstrates skill in tactics but his efforts are undermined by arrogant officers below him who fall victim to Natohk’s magic.

Terry would make a series of mistakes, or would fall victim to a team mates’ mistake, and cost the Main Event Mafia or World Elite a match.

Jan Kizilhan: Children can fall victim to a kind of conditional shock – they get scared and become unsettled.

During encounters with police, civil rights activists say, black men tend to fall victim to confusion over knife laws.

What can you do if you fall victim to a faulty criminal background check?

If you harbor the feeling of defeat then you’ll fall victim to your circumstances.