faithfully in a sentence

The outer world faithfully reflects our inner world.

They faithfully accepted the challenges of leadership.

We have been going back faithfully ever since.

The quaint spellings found in old records have been faithfully duplicated.

Every detail of the complicated rigging is faithfully reproduced.

He served the city faithfully during that long period.

These sketches were faithfully realised by his landscape contractors.

It was faithfully copied to safety film and thus preserved.

It has served us faithfully for many years.

How faithfully the apostles performed their mission!

They reflect the price actions quickly and faithfully .

The important thing is to follow faithfully and regularly therapy choice.

It also means “faith” or ” faithfully “.

Victor Hugo has faithfully kept his word.

The teacher had faithfully reflected the kids’ culture.

It featured another illustration, large and faithfully depicted.

He carried through that inherent weakness, faithfully .

He did faithfully obey God’s word.

To live faithfully through change we need to be honest.

This is where Amanda faithfully hopes and works for change.

The themes in the introduction are faithfully addressed by each author.

With this command they complied most faithfully .

He faithfully did everything Pat asked of him.

How will you transmit this message faithfully ?

About 75% return faithfully year after year.