facilities in a sentence

During winter skiing facilities are available here.

Campus facilities auto leasing page th font size.

All 14 facilities served publicly funded residents.

The company employees 41 across both facilities .

The country has full fuel cycle facilities including major reprocessing plants.

The disaster management agency mobilized 100 water treatment facilities .

The city centre provides substantial shopping facilities .

The building currently houses privately owned manufacturing facilities .

These facilities almost always had concrete floors.

Other surrounding smaller facilities had been damaged.

Transitional living facilities often offer low cost housing.

These facilities are called mechanical biological treatment plants.

Some theme parks are adding outdoor laser tag facilities .

The campus has 2 major dining facilities .

Particularly affected areas include rural areas lacking medical facilities .

The experiments listed below utilize both facilities .

There are religious institutions too offering such facilities .

The region has 21 aged care facilities .

Food products – typically require cold storage facilities .

The city has 10 aged care facilities .

The centralized detention facilities temporarily ceased functioning.

We are building better car parking facilities .

These facilities are rapidly replacing traditional wild fishing .

Those facilities cost many $ billions each.