facilitate in a sentence

The expressive notation facilitates abridgement in order to specify broader categories.

Hammams in Morocco are often close to mosques to facilitate the performance of ablutions .

The washing machine facilitates my housework.

Her cooking was fabulous, so everybody ate a lot.

Online communications can facilitate learning in many different ways.

The legislation will facilitate reunification of families separated by the war.

A healthy diet, and regular exercise will facilitate loss of those unwanted pounds.

The government is looking for ways to facilitate foreign investment in our country.

Learning is facilitated when individual items can be chunked into meaningful groups.

The renovations to the building have certainly facilitated access for those in a wheelchair.

Learning is facilitated when individual items can be organized into meaningful groups.

The purpose of the trade mission is to facilitate the exchange of goods between the two nations.

A mediator has been called in to facilitate negotiations between the administration and the union.

Prolonged exposure to the speech of native speakers will facilitate the language learning process.

The government believes that reducing regulations will facilitate economic development in the region.

The new computer-controlled traffic system should facilitate movement into the suburbs during rush hour.

The determining factor in question is whether this social welfare plan can facilitate the influx of immigrants.

The man at the embassy told me he would do everything he could to facilitate approval of my application for a visa.

Recent studies suggest that the use of physical action when reviewing new vocabulary can facilitate second language learning.