facial in a sentence

Avoid small , square shapes that accentuate facial length.

The dog has various facial expressions.

It takes 17 facial muscles to smile, but 42 to frown.

I have a facial boil.

There’s a painful lump at the back of one nostril.

Studies show that newborn babies imitate the facial expressions of their parents.

Wolves communicate by scent marking, vocalizations, facial expressions and body postures.

Studies seem to suggest that there is a universal recognition of certain basic facial expressions of emotions.

All babies show virtually the same facial expressions, including those born blind or even hearing impaired and blind.

Our research looks at different criteria that are used to distinguish between typically male and female facial features.

During the reign of French King Louis XI, the women of high society lived mainly on soup because they believed that chewing food could cause the development of premature facial wrinkles.

594842 Rousey went to a hospital for tests and treatment of facial cuts.

Noel has brown eyes and black hair, including facial hair and sideburns.

He used hormone therapy that has lowered his voice and produced facial hair.

In South Africa, the message of facial equality is very easy for them to pick up.

There’s also a volcano facial, which uses warm stones to melt away facial tension.

Palichuk is organizing Alberta’s first annual facial hair competition this weekend.

Doctors used techniques developed, in part, for the world’s first facial transplant.

According to science it is the riskiest facial hair arrangement that a man can choose.

The app uses facial recognition technology to identify the group members in the photos.

640306 So they must be capable of distinguishing between faces and facial expressions.”

Surgeons have performed an extensive facial transplant to restore Hardison’s facial form.