Extruder in a sentence

The extruder usually consists of two chambers.

Both types rely on a separate extruder for each polymer chemistry.

The device can be fitted onto extruders to aid mixing.

A unique tandem extruder configuration is available for the heavy core layer.

Die forming typically occurs immediately after polymer melt has exited an extruder .

Currently the files are for a single extruder .

So I made an adjustable extruder to solve this problem .

The production of five layers using four extruders is the most common.

Slide the motor assembly back into the extruder .

Pull the motor assembly out of the extruder .

However, pressure buildup is higher in counter-rotating extruders .

Thanks for the work on this extruder !

While operating the twin-screw extruder , the extrudate temperature was measured.

Our extruders and feedscrew designs offer excellent melt quality and thermal forming pressure stability.

This finding was true for both twin- and single-screw extruders .

I ca n’t seem to print without the extruder clogging half way through.

Mainly cause Nylon dribbles more from the extruder .