Extradite in a sentence

Use Extradite in a sentence

Extradite meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [verb] to deport from one country back to the home country;

The US wants him extradited to face trial on criminal charges.

The Estonian government extradited one trafficking suspect during the reporting period.

He was extradited to Florida where he received his fourth felony conviction.

Britain says it is obliged to see Assange extradited to Sweden.

He was captured in Laos last spring and promptly extradited to his country.

He was extradited and has pleaded guilty to theft.

He was arrested in 2002 and extradited to Netherlands.

Turkish officials demanded PGermany extradite suspects for trial.

Previously, the Constitution had forbidden its citizens to be extradited .

The murderer was extradited to St. Louis and jailed for sixteen years.

The Mexican government tried to extradite Dodge back to face charges.