Extol in a sentence

Use Extol in a sentence

Extol meaning;

Meaning: [verb] to praise ;

Bell was also extolled by various reviewers for her performance in the film.

The actor himself publicly extolled his wife as “my friend, companion and partner”.

The following speech extols the virtues of order and degree.

They extolled the messages she represented throughout the stories.

Hippocrates extolled the virtues of a daily aromatic bath and scented massage to prolong life.

Many people have extolled the benefits of green tea , and here is another.

The village lime tree became a “city idyll”, as it was extolled on postcards.

Louis gives a speech extolling its virtues of productivity.

All drugs have the effect you’re extolling initially.

Bharathi wrote numerous poems in Tamil extolling the revolutionary cause.

The President extols impact of lower mortgage rates.