exploitative in a sentence

We’re building devices that are exploitative of Windows 10, said HP’s Nash.

She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with India’s Kailash Satyarthi, who has fought to end child slavery and exploitative child labor.

I think we’ve reached the point where customers won’t accept anymore that something is made in exploitative conditions and people suffer as a result.

But after watching The Hand That Feeds, it’s also hard not to associate Hot and Crusty with something far more unsavory: exploitative labor practices.

The third film was even more exploitative.

A charlatan – is a fraudulent, exploitative, deceptive and unscrupulous individual.

Gogol painted him as supremely exploitative, cowardly, and repulsive, albeit capable of gratitude.

Through the character Simmonds, Williamson shows that the authority conferred upon society can be exploitative and violent.

Around the world, most feminists and women’s organizations want prostitution abolished, as they see it as exploitative towards women.

The chronically overworked Gooch battled both his venal, exploitative comic strip syndicate and occasional bouts of temporary insanity.