Expedite in a sentence

Use Expedite in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] speed up; make faster ;

Germany also wants to expedite talks on the cross-strait agreement on trade in goods.

At the same time, I think there is more we can do as a nation to expedite the process.

Roosevelt approved and expedited the atomic program.

We have agreed to expedite our negotiations toward a resolution as soon as possible.

A service fee may be charged the expedited shipment of documents.

The two leaders also promised to expedite talks over an EU-India free trade pact.

He plans to talk with the Canadian consulate to see if it can expedite his visa since there’s currently a 35 day waiting list.

This will ultimately expedite the building process and provide more satisfying results.

The law requires that police inform detainees of their rights and expedite notification of the detention to family members.

To expedite your request please read these instructions.

Be sure answer each question accurately to expedite the approval process.