Exonerate in a sentence

Use Exonerate in a sentence

exonerate somebody from/of something;

Meaning: [verb] to acquit; to state that someone is no longer guilty ;

Gates was exonerated of the killing in 2009 thanks to DNA evidence.

Fleming was exonerated of murder after almost 25 years behind bars.

In 2000 his sentence was annulled and he was completely exonerated.

On December 7, 2010, after serving four months in prison, Utah County exonerated Roger and Pamela Mortensen of the murder of Roger’s father.

After investigation, police exonerated the suspect of any wrong doing.

Carrie was exonerated when the jury declared both deaths an accident.

Thompson has founded a nonprofit organization aimed at rehabilitating people who have been exonerated of crimes and released from prison.

Eventually Dorian is exonerated when a tape surfaces that proves the killing had been in self-defense.

An official report in 1993 exonerated Jakobek from accusations of illegal activity, but did not provide full resolution to the controversy.