Exhaustive in a sentence

Use Exhaustive in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] extremely thorough and complete;

He did an exhaustive study into the effects of pollution on the local butterfly population.

Police conducted an exhaustive search for the violin, finding it in good condition nine days later.

An exhaustive search of the island revealed nothing about the missing child.

He did a special exhaustive study of Nataraja,the dancing form of Siva, in all aspects as represented in Art,thought and literature.

The French police, Scotland Yard and the family undertook exhaustive searches but never found his body or luggage.

It’s certainly not an exhaustive list! We should add more names.

After their exhaustive review of the evidence, the grand jury deliberated over two days making their final decision.

During rehearsals, the script was exhaustively discussed and redrafted by the cast, with the director having the final say on the content.

Now, after four years of research, design, and exhaustive testing, Lego believes it has a breakthrough.

She made it clear that she conducted an exhaustive investigation and she followed the evidence and filed charges.