exhaustion in a sentence

The high is usually followed by exhaustion .

The men and horses were near exhaustion .

That exhaustion is shared broadly among the younger generation.

Military and economic exhaustion affected both countries.

The many side effects along with constant exhaustion !

Heat stroke is the result of untreated heat exhaustion .

Their eyes were red through lack of sleep and exhaustion .

In that body he knew physical exhaustion .

People today are suffering from exhaustion more than previous generations.

Indirect fatalities were usually caused by cardiac failure or heat exhaustion .

Lara was knocked out due to exhaustion .

Human civilization will end due to simple resource exhaustion .

Extended exhaustion can permanently damage the body.

He later withdrew from the 200 m race citing exhaustion .

Price herself later said she was suffering from nervous exhaustion .

Their eyes were wide with shock and exhaustion .

Heat exhaustion is marked by excessive dehydration and electrolyte depletion.

But internal tensions and exhaustion were more noticeable than ever.

Holly felt a slow wave of exhaustion .

We worry and fret ourselves into exhaustion .