Exemplary in a sentence

Use Exemplary in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] outstandingly good; setting a fine example ;

Our laws must provide exemplary punishment for violent crimes.

The picture below presents an exemplary reading list for Grade 5 students.

Constructive feedback should always be done in private, but exemplary behavior should be well publicized.

Atatürk is universally regarded as an exemplary man.

John Cerutti was known and admired for his exemplary character, good will, and sportsmanship.

They were exemplary men with profound effect on others.

Social housing projects were considered exemplary and copied by other German cities.

The cross country team demonstrate exemplary dedication and team spirit.

Evidently the customer has received exemplary service.

These exemplary artistic creations further elevated the prestige of artists.

The Gandhi City initiative provides an exemplary model of innovative partnering to achieve community benefits.