executive power in a sentence

Acting against public opinion using executive power is not democratic.

The executive power is reserved for government.

The sultan no longer had executive powers .

The 1943 Constitution provided strong executive powers .

executive powers may be concurrently vested in different executive magistrates.

executive power was exercised by the government.

The executive power primarily belongs to the president.

The government holds the executive power in local government affairs.

executive power is exercised by the cabinet.

executive power is exercised by the government.

The issue of executive power extends to immigration.

The Partnership itself had no executive power .

The President is vested with executive powers .

The mayor () has executive power .

The legislative and executive powers were concentrated in his hands.

The municipal council is the executive power in the commune.

Constituent policies create executive power entities, or deal with laws.

Massachusetts recognizes inherent executive powers in the office of governor.

Why has executive power tended to increase in the twentieth century?

It exercised legislative, judicial, and executive powers .

The Supreme Council has both legislative and executive powers .