Exculpate in a sentence

Use Exculpate in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] free someone from blame or guilt; acquit;

The driver was exculpated by the testimony of several witnesses in the accident.

He was exculpated and handed over to the regional psychiatric hospital for further treatment without any control or surveillance by court.

The boys were exculpated of the murder when the real criminal confessed the crime.

The jury exculpated the company workers for their handling of the riots.

With new evidence provided by the witnesses, the man was exculpated.

Why did your government routinely exculpate Jakarta for its human rights abuses?

The prime minister tremblingly endeavored to exculpate himself.

The Appellate Division has refused to exculpate the accused of murder in such a case.

A trial is held before the House of Lords, and evidence is given to both implicate and exculpate Monty.