excerpt in a sentence

The priest read an excerpt from the Bible at mass.

I decided to buy the book after reading an excerpt in a magazine.

The students performed a short excerpt from a play by Shakespeare.

Find someone who has written a TOEFL exam in the past year.

They did a short excerpt of a play by Shakespeare in their drama class yesterday.

You can hear excerpts of various songs from the band’s new album on their website.

At my grandmother’s funeral, my father read out an excerpt from a book that she loved.

They edited together some excerpts from his best films for a retrospective of his work.

The former President narrated an excerpt from his autobiography on a talk show last night.

The passage I am about to read you has been excerpted from the novel we will be studying this week.

We read excerpts of different contemporary novels in class, and some of them were really interesting.

The DJ took excerpts from various songs and mixed them all together to make a new and original sound.

excerpts of his new novel have been published in a number of different magazines, to great reviews.

I haven’t read the whole book, I’ve just read an excerpt from it that was in a book of single chapters of famous books.

A major shoe company was sued for using an excerpt of a Beatles’ song in one of their television ads without permission.

We watched short excerpts of a number of American movies in my film class to look at the way minorities are depicted in film.

An excerpt of the young girl’s private diary appeared on an Internet website soon after the diary was stolen from her school locker.

Rowling recently gave a public reading of an excerpt of her new Harry Potter book to 70 children in a castle in Scotland.

The actors did a short excerpt from the play for the children and then spoke to them about the story and invited them to the evening’s showing.