evident in a sentence

This is very evident during company layoffs.

These characteristics are typically evident before age 3.

A similar pattern is evident several years later.

Three rather disparate chronological periods are evident .

Two principal differences between the gaming examples above are evident .

Some institutional experimentation and perhaps learning are evident nonetheless.

The need for continuous updating is self evident .

So nowhere is either extreme poverty or exceptional wealth evident .

Signs of resentment towards prison staff were evident “.

In very severe cases rib fractures may be evident .

It is pretty evident who followed whom.

Science as is therefore evident is activity oriented.

Your personal and professional passion are evident .

It is evident that richer models yield richer possibilities.

The difference relative to figure 3 is evident .

Determine whether negligence or abuse is evident .

This conflict is evident throughout the entire episode.

The consonant phoneme is evident and pronounced more clearly.