evacuation in a sentence

The office tower was well-organized for emergencies, so evacuation of the entire building only took about 5 minutes.

Many buildings were damaged during the earthquake, so city officials ordered an immediate evacuation of the area hardest hit.

Former President Gerald Ford oversaw the evacuation of Americans in Vietnam, and gave amnesty to draft resisters of the Vietnam war.

The flow of evacuation events from occurrence of a large earthquake to the conclusion of emergency counter measures.

The evacuation of the city during the crisis was carried out with the aid of the military.

A few passengers suffered minor injuries during the evacuation and were treated at a local hospital.

A mass evacuation of residents appeared to have kept casualties to a minimum.

Chénard-Guay also told the inquest that residents had previously practised emergency evacuations from the home.

Ghattas gave no specific security reason for the evacuation.

It works with Red Cross staff who are usually the first responders at evacuation centres in an emergency.

Roughly 400 construction workers were affected by the evacuation order.

The city is preparing pre-evacuation notices for people living near the river.

The MMDA wanted the business community to prepare for a systematic evacuation, rescue and response measure.

When the meltdown was eventually contained, there was a 12-mile evacuation zone around the plant.

4) Ensure a strategy for evacuation of health personnel if necessary.

A 920-acre fire in Madera County destroyed three structures and led to the evacuation of a handful of homes.

A code green is an evacuation order issued when an area is, or may become, unsafe for patients, visitors or staff.

A fire that broke out near the town of Coarsegold in the Sierra foothills has prompted a mandatory evacuation order.