ethereal ethereally in a sentence

The absence of color creates a ghostly, ethereal effect that ironically attracts attention in galleries because of its lack of color.

Meanwhile, an ethereal chorus keeps reminding us that “there is nothing alive more agonized than man,” and the men strive to prove it.

They learned that the difference between glory and a lost dream can be as ethereal as the breath blown through a referee’s whistle.

Well, we’re pretty sure the men of Arcade Fire can make up for the lack of Gordon-crooned disco in their own brand of ethereal soundscapes.

Larry Sloman called his drumming ethereal.

Sookie thought that she looked “ethereally lovely, with a kind of deadly edge”.

The cumulative effect is by turns ethereal, witty, incandescent, often ravishing”.

In these lands the ethereal planes are believed to surround each Prime Material plane.

Wearing it allows him to control his rage and fight with his disciplined Netherealm style.

The Physical is the opposite of the ethereal, and the Supernatural is the opposite of the Natural.

It turns out she’s stirring up the feud and can use some magical abilities from her ethereal state.

Near the end of the attic, an ethereal glow is seen and a sweet but sinister voice is heard.

James resists at first, but, captivated by her ethereal beauty, capitulates and kisses her tenderly.

The first root race The first root race was ” ethereal “, i.e. they were composed of etheric matter.

Hybrids tend to be hairier, darker, have coarser features and less of the ethereal beauty of the Tanu.

The gracefulness, elegance, ethereal quality, and other affectations of classical ballet are eliminated.

Storm explains the magic of life to Illyana, showing her a massive oak while they are in an ethereal state.

When he awakes, he is horrified to be back in the flesh, having been aware of his ethereal condition the whole time.