Espouse in a sentence

Use Espouse in a sentence


Meaning: [verb]to support or promote an idea, belief etc,usually for political reasons;

These students tend to espouse very distinct world views.

Dewey published several articles that espoused his theories on education.

Nelson Mandela was an archetypal leader who espoused dignity.

Peace must be openly espoused and taught to our students.

All major parties espoused democracy and market reforms, to varying degrees.

The Government espouses the concept of sustainable economic development.

Hollywood films espouse a belief in goodness and redemption.

The party espoused strongly conservative views on social policy.

Feminism has officially always espoused gender equality as its primary goals.

Gud, who espouses anarchist politics, nevertheless took a more pro-EU line.

The Creed espouses the ideas of self-reliance and freedom.

The party also espouses a mixture of economic policies.

Kelleher espoused a mix of liberal and conservative political views.

Various theorists have espoused legal philosophies similar to anarcho-capitalism.