Esoteric in a sentence

Use Esoteric in a sentence

Esoteric ;

Meaning: [adjective ]obscure and difficult to understand and only people with specific info can understand;

The number seven has important esoteric and symbolic meaning.

His latest books became more personal and less esoteric.

The book covers many subjects , both practical and highly esoteric.

The story deals with such esoteric subjects as philosophy and theology.

Some magicians think that the box itself is so esoteric that it has no purpose.

Some slogans may feel esoteric or difficult to comprehend.

The album addresses several different esoteric topics.

He is well known for his voice and his obscure, esoteric lyrics, which tend to be melancholic.

“I adore it, but it is a very esoteric painting”, she says.

Sweeny’s more recent work is notably less commercial and more introspective, esoteric and sublime.

Baker also studied philosophy, religion, and esoteric spiritual teachings, even becoming a Vedantic monk for a time.