erroneously in a sentence

Sometimes erroneously used interchangeably with noise floor .

Not a few benchmarks are erroneously stamped.

What is done right or done erroneously ?

erroneously thought 4 sticks of butter was 1 cup.

His birth certificate erroneously stated March 3.

Screening out such variants might erroneously exclude such genes from consideration.

He also criticised wild speculation being erroneously reported as fact.

All three networks erroneously reported that Brady had died.

And very dangerous games with very dangerous controlled substances erroneously called pharmaceuticals.

The rock quarried for paving blocks is erroneously called basalt.

The district court erroneously instructed the jury on the tax count.

Sometimes they are erroneously referred to as “preaching bands”.

Some sources erroneously claim that the committee became permanent in 1946.

C. The prior year’s depreciation expense was erroneously understated.

Some important valid messages may be deleted erroneously when eliminating spam quickly.

The district court erroneously denied their discovery request for exculpatory material.

It was abroad not erroneously led brite light they offered.

A lengthy murder mystery ensued with Lujack being erroneously convicted.