Erratic in a sentence

Use Erratic in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]irregular, not following a pattern or plan;

Erratic winds made fighting the fire more difficult, officials said.

They parted ways with Weiland the following year, blaming the singer’s “erratic behaviour”.

Reducing speed usually stops this erratic motion.

It’s an erratic, which means it’s kind of unexplainable as to why we found it where we did.

The pay was low and employment was erratic and uncertain.

Some of the most erratic and inconsiderate driving occurs when motorists are lost or late for work.

However, his behavior becomes erratic and unusual.

Driving erratically, the terrified Duranton crashes into the park fence.

His mental health had deteriorated and his behaviour had become erratic.

Her behaviour became increasingly erratic and sometimes violent towards her children.

The sector is plagued by erratic rainfall and poor soils.

We face unprecedented volcanic activity and erratic global weather patterns .