erratic in a sentence

A notable glacial erratic in the area is Mount Washington’s Glen Boulder.

This led to erratic behavior that resulted in his separation from Harriet.

Movement became erratic on the 23rd while approaching the mountainous island.

Retrieved May 4, 2008. has expressed concern about a McCain presidency: “He is erratic.

As it traveled in an erratic northwestward direction, it slowly became better organized.

Exacerbating the situation was Frehley’s escalating erratic behavior and substance abuse.

Ingestion of enough ergot can result in hallucinations, erratic behavior, and even death.

The ball hit will roll around the field erratically as fielders just barely miss catching it.

Hodas cited Harris’ “tantrums” and “increasingly erratic behavior” as his reasons for leaving.

Schedules have been erratic, as the air connectivity is primarily provided by feeder airlines.

A knuckleball (or knuckler for short) is a baseball pitch with an erratic, unpredictable motion.

Liz has been seen complaining about Jenna’s erratic tendencies behind her back, usually with Pete.

Bugs was then a common nickname for someone who was considered to be crazy, erratic, or fanatical.

Hence the physical measurement errors lead to biased or erratic results under such noisy conditions.

As a result of the flood, Lü Bu’s behavior became erratic, and he started drinking, but swore off it.

” Even Brando clashed who Kilmer who didn’t make any new friends with his continuously erratic behaviour.

When Chelsea started using drugs, her behaviour became erratic and she stole £100 from her employer, Tanya.

An upper level low formed to Kara’s west, and when the two merged on the 11th, their motions became erratic.

Circulars There were numerous reports of the Mark 14 running erratically and circling back on the firing boat.

363762 Once aboard however, strange things begin to happen as equipment fails and ship systems become erratic.

The coal mafia has had a negative effect on Indian industry, with coal supplies and quality varying erratically.

Historic guide to Irvine In woodland near to the near the Doura Burn at North Millburn is a Glacial erratic boulder.