Era in a sentence

use Era in a sentence


[noun] A specific period in history.;

We can only understand his decision if we look at the context of the social policies of his era.

During the Renaissance era, artists could not show a woman’s toes or bare feet in their paintings.

He has written an excellent book which covers American history from the earliest days until the present era.

The stock market crashed in 1929, and that began the era known as the Great Depression.

During the era of apartheid in South Africa, thousands of individuals died in police custody, frequently after being tortured.

The musical collaboration of John Lennon and Paul McCartney produced some of the most popular songs of our era.

The church music of Giovanni Pierluigi de Palestrina captures the essence of the sober, conservative aspect of his era.

Whether the Romans made any significant contributions to the theory or practice of music is unknown because no music of that era has survived.

Naomi Klein has observed that corporations have become the ruling political bodies of our era, setting the agenda of globalization.