equivalent in a sentence

For example , on a typical day the UK generates electricity equivalent to 30 Hiroshima A-bombs .

Looking for male equivalent to myself.

His request was equivalent to an order.

We cannot find an English equivalent for the Japanese ‘giri’.

Things that modify nouns (adjective, or adjectival equivalent).

The average cat food meal is the equivalent of about five mice.

One glass of beer is equivalent to a glass of wine, in terms of alcohol content.

I swatted at the fly, grazing it slightly – a fly’s equivalent of a kick in the ass.

You can pay by cash, check, bank draft or money order, in British funds or equivalent.

A housefly crawling one centimeter up a wall expends energy equivalent to 3 trillion eV.

To buy an average house in Boston would cost me the equivalent of about 5 years’ salary.

At the present time, one American dollar is equivalent to approximately $1.

35 Canadian.

Islamic law holds that in a dispute, the testimony of two women is equivalent to that of one man.

Find someone who believes men and women should have full equity in the event of a divorce.

Generic non-prescription drugs are chemically equivalent to brand-name drugs, but are usually cheaper.

Some people believe that one year in the life of a human is equivalent to seven years in a cat’s life.

The average hurricane generates energy roughly equivalent to 400 20-megaton bombs exploding in one day.

The alcohol content of the typical bottle of beer, glass of wine, and single mixed drink is equivalent.

Women will not be satisfied until their wages are equivalent to those of men doing the same kind of work.