Epistolary in a sentence

Use Epistolary in a sentence

Epistolary ;

Meaning: [adjective] written as a letter or a series of letters;

Like “Pamela”, it is an epistolary novel.
The story is told in epistolary format , consisting entirely of letters, memos and correspondence.

This ukaz was largely based on the epistolary reports of Alexis Stavrovsky.

Despite their political differences, Vane and Winthrop developed an epistolary relationship in the following years.

There are two theories on the genesis of the epistolary novel.

An epistolary novel is a novel written as a series of documents.

The century had a richer output in prose than in verse, and history, biography, sermons, and epistolary correspondence all flourished.

Epistolary literature is nothing new, Gupta told CNN Money.

The following paragraphs illustrate both the excellences and faults of his epistolary composition.

The novel is epistolary and takes the form of a manuscript, written by Barbara, recording the entire events.