Epistle in a sentence

Use Epistle in a sentence


Meaning: [noun] a lengthy or important letter;

In 97 AD, Clement of Rome wrote an epistle to the church at Corinth.

James then becomes the head of the Jerusalem church, and James writes a wonderful epistle.

Paul wrote the Epistle to the Romans under Nero ‘s reign who eventually executed Paul and Peter.

The Apostle James wrote an epistle which speaks of a man’s faith and a man’s works.

The epistles are directed to specific audiences and vary accordingly.

Epistles were also written during all three dynasties of the New Kingdom.

Pastoral epistles written from Paul to a pastor telling him about the church.

All these arguments establish that the pastoral epistles are second century products.

The entire First Epistle of John was written for that purpose.

Peter, John, and Jude wrote six epistles in which they have much to say about the matter of salvation.