Epicure in a sentence

Use Epicure in a sentence

Epicure ;

Meaning: [noun] a person who appreciates good good food and drink;gourmet

Restaurants like Midnight Sun, Sizzler, Lan Hua, Mouri and numerous others are satisfying the desire of the epicures of the city since long.

I was a marshmallow epicure. I vastly preferred the Campfire brand over Jet-Puffed.

Paladin is a recognized San Francisco wine authority and epicure –so much of both that he is called upon to judge wines in competition.

My sources said he was an epicure, with expensive tastes.

Mortdecai is barely moral: a fastidious epicure, an outrageous hedonist who takes more care over his food and drink, and especially his drink, than anything else.

For gourmets, Ellerman House is an epicure’s delight.

The gentleman being somewhat of an epicure, or gourmand, left instructions for a dinner of several courses to be provided for himself and friend.

He is an epicure of food and fish but eats little and irregularly, and sleep would seem to be a waste of time.

As the vivacious epicure Julia Child said recently in The New York Times, ” If fear of food continues, it will be the death of gastronomy in the United States.