environmental in a sentence

Gorillas, endangered in most other parts of Africa, are said to be so numerous in the nation of Gabon that they’ve almost become an environmental nuisance.

The environmental award was accepted by a grade 12 student on behalf of the school.

environmentalists are asking the government to pass stricter laws to protect endangered species.

She is conducting a poll of students on campus to find out if there is any support for starting an environmental group.

Recent studies suggest that environmental factors, rather than heredity, play the major role in whether or not a person develops most types of cancer.

The major environmental issue in Fiji is how to dispose of waste materials in a responsible manner.

environmental groups want the government to impose a special levy on SUVs because of their poor fuel efficiency.

In 1991, Iraq was accused of deliberately pumping oil into the Persian Gulf in what was called an act of environmental terrorism.

Before beginning the project, the company is required to do an assessment of the environmental damage that would be done to the area.

David Boyd has suggested that a nation’s commitment to sustainability can be measured by the amount of money budgeted for environmental protection.

The main environmental threat to human health in many cities today is from exposure to air pollution.

Canadian logging companies say they are hostages to the boycott which the environmental organization Greenpeace organized to protest clearcutting of old growth forest in this province.

The advancing desert is a serious environmental problem in Saudi Arabia.

Both of the major political parties in the state are working to incorporate some key environmental policies into their platform.

Improper disposal of industrial waste is a serious environmental problem.

A group of local environmentalists is trying to salvage a number of rare plants that are in danger due to the construction of the new highway.

environmental pollution has seriously affected the life cycles of many different plants and animals.

I know a lot about environmental problems.

The Republican candidate has opposed all measures to toughen environmental protection laws in our state for the last 2 years.

Ehricke Krafft once observed that we have no rational alternative but to expand the environmental and resource base beyond Earth.